Coupon Overage

Stores like Walmart offer you the full value of the coupon even if the item you purchase costs less than the value of the coupon. This is known as coupon … Continue Reading →

Organizing Your Coupons

Once you have decided that you want to start saving money with coupons, you need to decide how you are going to organize them in such a way that it is … Continue Reading →

Taking Advantage of Catalinas

A recent Albertsons promotion gives me a great opportunity to explain how catalinas can save anyone a lot of money on your grocery bill!  For anyone new to couponing, catalinas are … Continue Reading →

This is Why I Use Coupons

During a recent Kellogg’s cereal sale at Albertsons I saved 180% plus received (2) Catalina coupons for free milk and can submit the UPCs for a Kellogg’s Rebate.  I bought (6) … Continue Reading →